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Professional Gadget Repair - Fort Smith, AR


Phone Repair

-LCD Repair
-Digitizer (touch screen)
-Battery Replacement

Computer Repair

-Virus Removal
-LCD Replacement
-Battery Replacement
-Upgrades / Optimization

Tablet Repair

-Broken Screens
-Battery Replacement
-Protective Cases
-Button Issues

Gadget Repair Hotline (479) 431 6091

Call us Today! We have more than 12 professional gadget repair technicians on standby to help answer questions and give repair quotes over the phone. With most gadget repairs costing less than $100, repairing your device is much
cheaper than replacing it!

The Gadget Grave Goal

Gadget Grave strives to offer the best options for the best price. We set out to do things differently, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, and other Gadget Repair can be expensive, but if done right can save you a lot of money. Don’t purchase a replacement until you talk to us, your old gadgets are often worth money and if not, we have used devices for much less than retail prices in our Fort Smith, AR retail store.

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    Fujisawa, The Sustainable City

    Panasonic has done something that no one else has; built an entire city that is sustainable. The city still uses water, fuel and electricity but efficiently. Panasonic built a sustainable city just outside Tokyo that is experimenting with sustainable designs. You should look at this town; it could become the wave of the future. What […]

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    Galaxy S6 Tips

    With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, there are some things you should know. This article will begin with some basic tips to help you get the best that the Galaxy S6 has to offer. First, the Galaxy S6 is the “flagship” device that the Galaxy S5 should have been. It is […]

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    Qualcomm is the manufacturer of the famous Snapdragon chipset that is found in high-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy series. Qualcomm is not stopping with its dominance over mobile devices but is trying to infiltrate your life. Qualcomm is working on chipsets for wearables, cars, appliances and many more. So what does this mean? Qualcomm […]

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    Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone

    Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone… Samsung and its TouchWiz has SO many features that there is not another device that can match it. Getting the latest Samsung smartphones means there are features that come out of the box you should turn off or change. There are six common features that […]

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    Corning Gorilla Glass

    Corning Gorilla Glass- everyone has heard about Gorilla glass but what is it? Gorilla Glass is a “registered trademark for an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet of toughened glass” that is made by Corning Inc- a U.S. glassmaker. Gorilla Glass combines thinness, lightness and resistance to scratches and breaks. It is used to cover digitizers on smartphones and […]

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    Computer Repair

    Computer problems can be super frustrating. Even if your computer is under warranty it can seem like the manufacturer is only interested in selling you something else like an extended service plan etc… We technicians have been in the computer repair business for 20+ years and we know what your going through as we have had […]

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    Arduboy Retro Gaming

    The Arduboy Retro Gaming is a new pocket sized 8-bit game device that has started a firestorm of interest on Kickstarter.With only 25 days to go, it has far exceeded the goal almost eight times the $25,000 goal. This could spark a miniature retro revolution! The handheld Arduboy has so much potential to sway gamers from smartphones […]

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    A surprisingly daily driver! The new Android M Preview.

    I just got the Nexus 6, first thing first for any Android user is to unlock the boot-loader. Easy peasy, boot into bootloader mode and run “fastboot oem unlock” then done deal. Next is to download the Android M developer Preview, http://developer.android.com/preview/index.html. You will need to extract the tarball and inside is the complete system. […]

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    Humble Bundle

    Ever heard of Humble Bundle? How about Humble Indie Bundle? I hadn’t either until my son asked if he could “buy a set of games” with the proceeds going to a children’s hospital of his choice. I was concerned about this but soon realized that it is a great place to get game downloads at […]