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Recent Blogs
  • Malware Maintenance Basics

    Routine maintenance is important for your house, vehicle, teeth and your computer. As much as we procrastinate and put those things off they eventually get our attention. The point of maintenance is to try and avoid the frustrating and sometimes painful attention getters. One area of our lives that often is taken for granted is [...]

  • Game review: Minigore 2

    Next we have a cross platform game Minigore 2 this is available for the Android and iOS devices. The game will set you back $2.99 on the app store and free on Google Play. The reason it is free on Google is there is a small advertisement up top, it doesn’t hinder gameplay at all. [...]

  • FatSecret App

    Fitness…fitness….fitness   The New Year has arrived and many of us are trying to stick to our New Year Resolutions- lose weight, be nice, ect.  There are a few good apps to help with weight that are free.  One, I have used (need to more regularly) is FatSecret.  When I first discovered the app, it [...]

  • BitStrips

    My addiction is BitStrips.  The short comics are cute, funny and I love the little stories they portray.  BitStrips started on Facebook but there is a free app available for iPhone and Android phones.  Once downloaded, you can sign in either through Facebook or by email.   You “design” yourself and then begin browsing the comics [...]

  • Pixlr Express

    In the world of selfies, everyone is looking for easy but good photo editing programs.  With Picnik gone, people try all kinds of photo editing apps to edit their pictures.  I have come across Pixlr.  This program has three versions available online- compatible with Mac and PCs as well as two versions available for smart [...]

  • My Favorite Music App’s

    Songza- This app was the first one I had experienced of its kind. You could just tell the app what you were doing and with your help it would bring on a heap of great music that fit that moment pretty well. It really is a really neat app that is easy to navigate and [...]

  • Buy a Used Computer This Year

    Every single day I work on building solutions for the customers I serve. Electronics these days can fetch a hefty price on the retailer’s shelf. Fortunately there is a guaranteed way to get a great deal on just about any new electronics. Many computers are scuttled for numerous reasons every year because they are outdated, [...]

  • Gadget Grave is Giving Away 2 FREE Miley Cyrus Tickets

    Gadget Grave Contest!   Gadget Grave has teamed up with 102.7 The Vibe to give away 2 Miley Cyrus tickets at the BOK Center is Tulsa Oklahoma on March 13th.  You have to sign up in person and the drawing will be held this saturday March 3rd.  We are going to have a live remote [...]

  • App Review: Flappy Bird

    You know I love games as much as anyone. I browse the app store looking for things to occupy my down time. My daughter was talking about a game called Flappy bird and how she loves to play the game as well as her friends.  So I download it, you mean devil bird! You think [...]

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Phone Repair

-LCD Repair
-Digitizer (touch screen)
-Battery Replacement

Console Repair

-Red Ring of Death
-Yellow Light of Death
-Issues Reading Disks
-Open Tray

Computer Repair

-Virus Removal
-LCD Replacement
-Battery Replacement
-Upgrades / Optimization

Tablet Repair

-Broken Screens
-Battery Replacement
-Protective Cases
-Button Issues

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Gadget Grave strives to offer the best options for the best price. We set out to do things differently, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, and other Gadget Repair can be expensive, but if done right can save you a lot of money. Don’t purchase a replacement until you talk to us, your old gadgets are often worth money and if not, we have used devices for much less than retail prices in our Fort Smith, AR retail store.

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