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Professional Gadget Repair - Fort Smith, AR


Phone Repair

-LCD Repair
-Digitizer (touch screen)
-Battery Replacement

Console Repair

-Red Ring of Death
-Yellow Light of Death
-Issues Reading Disks
-Open Tray

Computer Repair

-Virus Removal
-LCD Replacement
-Battery Replacement
-Upgrades / Optimization

Tablet Repair

-Broken Screens
-Battery Replacement
-Protective Cases
-Button Issues

Gadget Repair Hotline (479) 431 6091

Call us Today! We have more than 12 professional gadget repair technicians on standby to help answer questions and give repair quotes over the phone. With most gadget repairs costing less than $100, repairing your device is much
cheaper than replacing it!

The Gadget Grave Goal

Gadget Grave strives to offer the best options for the best price. We set out to do things differently, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, and other Gadget Repair can be expensive, but if done right can save you a lot of money. Don’t purchase a replacement until you talk to us, your old gadgets are often worth money and if not, we have used devices for much less than retail prices in our Fort Smith, AR retail store.

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