Five Ways to BE the Pro Before You CALL in the Pro

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How many times have you stared at your laptop monitor like it’s E.T from outer space? Or felt your heart pounding because you believe your life is flashing before your very eyes in a “Windows Not Responding” dialog box? Well worry no more. We have compiled a list of quick tips, tricks, and workarounds to […]


Protect Your Money

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Every time I get a new phone, I always get a case for it. There is always the topic of what case to get. Do I wanna get one that looks cool or protects it more? Cause when it comes down to it, you cant have both. Case developed haven’t yet master the mix of […]

Why You Should Wait to Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 6.0

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Today, Apple released iOS 6.0 available for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. While there are some great new improvements to the software, there is currently no jailbreak available!  This means that you will not be able to install cydia and customize your phone.  This is not a huge deal to everyone, but for me, […]

Stay Intact with Technology through Gadget Grave’s Repair Services

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Our lives have become comparatively less hectic and more comfortable, with everything being accessible on fingertips, courtesy the new technological advancements. Every new company comes up with a latest development each day, bringing forth new prospects. This however, in no way constitute to the fact that such gadgets do not require any overhauling. Breakage of […]

iPad repair- Get world back on your finger tips

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A quote that has become a part of our day to day life is “Innovation is the mother of invention”. Transforming this into reality, the industries are sprouting up new advancements and technologies making life easier and bringing the world on our finger tips. Recession is said to hit the world market again but with […]

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