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High iPhone Costs When Travelling? - Six Tips to Help You Keep iPhone Costs Down By Leeann P McCallum

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Want to keep your costs down when traveling with the iPhone? Then follow these simple steps!

1. Turn off Data Roaming

Mobile Data is used when sending and receiving e-mails, browsing the Web and using other Data Services such as the Weather, Stock Market and downloading applications from the App Store. Mobile Data is usually very expensive when traveling outside of your own country. If you do not need these services, turn them off. Do this by going into Settings, Network and Data Roaming.

2. Turn off Internet Tethering

Internet Tethering is great if you do not have a broadband or 3G connection on your computer. You simply plug in your iPhone, turn on tethering and then have access the Internet. It is very easy however to forget you have this on. Before you know it, you can be hit by a large data bill simply because you were tethered and your computer started downloading Windows updates or similar. Turn off Internet Tethering by going into Settings, General, Network and Internet Tethering

3. Ensure you have a pin code set up

Not only can this save you $ if you lose your phone and someone else starts using your account for data and voice, it is also a fantastic security option to ensure your personal information on the iPhone is not viewed. You will be prompted for a pin code each time you use the iPhone, however you will be protected should your iPhone be misplaced, lost or stolen. Set up your pin code by going into Settings, General and Passcode Lock. Don't forget this code! If you do, you will have to reset back to factory defaults and start again.

4. Use Wi-Fi when you can

If you need to check your mail or access the Internet, instead of using 3G mobile data services, use a wi-fi connection. There are some free hotspots around, and these are usually advertised in cafes or malls. Other providers may also offer a Wi-Fi service at a cost, but these are generally less than that of a 3G connection.

5. Getting lost can be expensive!

If you do get lost, and use Google Maps to find out where you are, be mindful of the cost of this. Google Maps is quite chatty and you can find yourself poor and lost quite quickly.

6. If you are really paranoid!

Turn flight mode on if you are really paranoid about eating through your data plan. Flight mode means the radio is turned off, but the iPhone continues to function as a PDA, although the applications that make the iPhone cool will no longer work. This will at least provide you with peace of mind whilst you are traveling overseas!

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