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How To Put Movies On Your Iphone - The Quick Way By Jonathan Webster

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If you want to learn how to put movies on your iPhone, this article will strive to show you how. The Apple iPhone is a fantastic piece of hardware, following hot on the heels of the phenomenally successful Apple iPod.

The iPhone has the capability to be a one stop entertainment center, as well as giving you access to the internet, and of course a cell phone as well. The ability to play movies on the move will be great for film fans, and save them having to carry a portable DVD player.

To be able to watch movies on an iPhone, they will need to transferred from a computer. What you need alongside the computer will depend on where the movie is going to be taken from. If it is a DVD movie, you will need some software which can read the movie from the disc, and convert it to the type of file that the iPhone can handle. This format is called mp4. Downloading from the internet will mean that you will need a decent internet connection, but no conversion software.

The first lesson in how to put movies on your iPhone is to download some special software onto your computer that can change the movie into the .mp4 format. This software is very easy to find, but there is a lot of choice. A lot of this software is quite expensive, as much as $50 in some cases, but some of it is cheap, and you can even find free downloads. Some of the expensive programs have a free trial period should you only have a few movies to convert. Place your DVD into the computer's drive, and use the software to rip the movie and convert it. Use iTunes to copy it to your iPhone. Once you have copied your DVD collection to your iPhone, you may want to expand by downloading more movies from the internet. This will work out much cheaper than buying DVDs in the long run, if you are someone who watches a lot of films. It is possible to download films without paying any money, using P2P sites, but this is very risky. These sites are illegal, and if you are caught you could be facing prosecution. There are other dangers, as these files are put up by anybody they can contain anything. Often, they are just excuses to spread viruses and spyware. There are legal sites which offer unlimited downloads, but you will have to pay a small upfront fee. This will prove to be a bargain as time goes by, and you get ever more for your money. You now know the basics of how to put movies on your iPhone, so hopefully you have found this article useful. Check out the links below to find the best places to download the movies from.

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