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The Value of a Broken iPhone in Dollars and Energy By Tom Lasky

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If you have had the unpleasant experience of breaking a cell phone -- or having one broken for you -- you have probably considered the wreckage a useless object ready for the next garbage pickup. You'd like a genie to turn a broken iPhone 2G 3G into a 3GS phone hot off the factory floor, but that's not going to happen. At least, it won't happen magically. There are ways to make a broken iPhone 2G 3G a 3GS phone with minimal work, so tell your garbage collectors to pass by your house for now.

First of all, it's useful to consider the many reasons to avoid getting rid of unwanted or unusable electronics. While it's clear that technology which has been superseded won't get the job done for your business or personal needs, that doesn't mean it won't have a use. Remember, humans are still involved in the technology process, no matter how far removed we seem sometimes. In other words, the same people who are making these technologically superior phones have the ability to fix them. One of the reasons new phones are superior is the fact that there is potential for repair.

All over the world, there are people who consider the technology you would call "dated" to work just fine and have innumerable benefits. What that means is that broken materials have value. The same types of companies that can help make a broken iPhone 2G 3G a 3GS phone for you can handle computers and other valuable equipment. Don't send your electronics to the trash until you have consulted with one of these companies which may be ready to pay cash for them.

Of course, as with most decisions one must make these days, the environment has to be considered along with the almighty dollar. Every time a pile of plastic and metal gets sent to the landfills, a little less space exists on our planet. Computer and cell phone parts live virtually forever. If you need another reason to make a broken iPhone 2G or 3G a 3GS model, the environment should be one of the most compelling among them. Electronics should never be hurled into the trash. Remember, all of these instruments of technology are tools which make our lives easier, not something which saves our lives. Surely, there are innumerable ways in which mankind has benefited from technology, but better cell phones for our children is not one of them.

With certain older cell models, the idea that you can pick up some money through their sales is a little far-fetched. In that case, you can do your part in making the environment a little less vulnerable by recycling. However, anyone who wants to make a broken iPhone 2G 3G a 3GS model will get a head start by selling the broken phone. While it may seem worthless, plenty of customers are shopping for used or refurbished iPhones every day.

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