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Let Gadget Grave Fix Your Broken iPhone

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If you have had your iPhone for longer than 1 month, then like us, you have probably dropped it.  Looking through my friends facebook status updates, people feel completely lost without their 'other-half'.  A broken iPhone digitizer (also called the 'touchscreen' or 'glass') can be a major eye soar.  Something about little shards of glass cutting my temple makes me cringe.  Lucky for you, Gadget Grave can fix your broken iPhone today!

Our repair technicians have years of experience and are able to diagnose most issues for free.  Not sure what is going on with your iPhone?  Bring it by our store (directions), and we will take a look at it.  If it will turn on, there is NO CHARGE for diagnosis!  If you decide that you want to take your upgrade instead of repairing your iPhone, we will make an offer to buy it.  We pay cash for broken iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gS, and iPhone 4. 

All repairs come with a 30 warranty and usually cost less than $60.  Call us today at 479.431.6091

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