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Is your Playstation 3 not working? Get it Repaired!

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Do you have to fix your broken PS3? First of all you want to try a couple of these simple tips to make sure that the problem isn't too serious.  A lot of times, playstation 3 problems can be solved by doing a few relatively easy things:

1. Restart your PS3

This can be really simple but can do a lot of things.  You might also want to try unplugging your PS3 from the wall to do a hard restart.  This can usually solve a lot of the software errors and malfunctions.

2. Check for loose cables

Sometimes, the playstation 3 will error because there are loose cables.  This will sometimes cause an error.  Checking for loose cables and fixing them can usually fix the common problems.

3. Unplug all your cables and plug them back in

This is a huge one that is largely overlooked. This can case the software to restart and automatically correct errors. This takes just a few minutes and resolves most issues. 

4. Push and Hold the Power Button For 5 Seconds

If your playstation is not displaying anything on your television, you can push and hold the power button for 5 seconds and it will automatically configure your PS3 to the TV's native resolution for all settings.

You Can Send Your Ps3 To Sony

This is one option that you probably don't want to do if you can avoid it.  It can really cost you an arm and a leg.  Some people pay over $200 and you can really end up having to wait a long time for it too.  The average wait seems to be 6 weeks to get it back.

Let Gadget Grave Repair Your Playstation 3 today

We stock parts for playstation 3 and most repairs can be finished in 24 hours.  Our repairs are the CHEAPEST in town (at this point, we are the only playstation 3 repair center in Fort Smith arkansas). Most repairs cost $60, but the most it will be is $100.  Call us today to set up an appointment.  Gadget Grave - 479.431.6091

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