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Why it is important to get your Broken iPhone Screen Fixed

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   If you have ever cracked the screen on your iPhone, then you know that it can be a HUGE eye sore! While it has never happened to me, some of our customers complain that it can cut their face.  Has this happened to you (let us know in your comments)?
   Depending on the severity of your cracked screen, peices of glass can start coming out of the phone.  If this starts to happen, it will allow dust/dirt/water to get into the 'brains' of the phone.  While 99.99% of iphones with a broken screen can be fixed, closer to 70% of liquid damaged phones can be repaired (usually at a higher cost).  It is cheaper to get your broken iPhone fixed before it starts getting to bad. 
  At our store, we have noticed that if the screen/digitizer is cracked on an iPhone for a prolonged period of time, the LCD can be affected. The LCD replacement is a normally $75 charge.  Because both go out frequently, we give 35% off the total repair. 
  We stock parts for the iphone 3g, the iphone 3gs, and the iPhone 4.  Call us today at 479.431.6091 to set up an appointment.  Most iPhone repairs take less than 45 minutes and come with a 30 day limited warranty on parts and labor.  

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