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My top 5 jailbroken apps for the iPhone 4

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We all know the iPhone was a game changer.  When the phone was originally released, I was not all that impressed. It seemed like a normal phone with a few random apps (stocks, calendar, etc).  It reminded me of a blackberry with a touch screen.  What made the difference to me was the introduction of the App store.  I remember on day 1 of the app store, bugs and crashes, and downloads taking forever! Now with over 200,000 apps available in the app store, they have smoothed it out.

Here is my problem with the App store:  Apple has the final say in what we download on our phone because we are forced to use their app store.  I understand there is a good reason for this, but it seems like they randomly decide that apps should be pulled and then they disappear.  To developers, $10,000 seems like a lot to invest in an app that might not get through the application approval process.  

This is where Jailbreaking comes in handy.  By jailbreaking your phone, it allows a 3rd party app store called Cydia (there are a few other less known app stores as well).  Cydia is now a fine tuned machine that expands the usability/feature set of the iPhone 10 fold.  Once you have cydia downloaded, you can install jailbroken apps quickly and easily.  If you need help on jailbreaking, give us a call at 479.431.6091.

Finally, My list of the Top 5 Jailbroken Apps for the iPhone 4:



1. SBSettings (free): This installs a quick access portal to change many of the settings that consume your battery including wifi, screen brightness, 3g, and more.  It also allows you to 'kill tasks' that are running in the background.  If you use multi-tasking on the iPhone, this is a must have for you.  




2. MyWi ($20):  This application allows you to set up a wifi hotspot using your phone.  This is brilliant!  If you want to surf the web from your laptop while you are on the road or away from the internet, you can turn on MyWi.  Your laptop will then be able to connect to your phone's 3g and surf the web.  WARNING: If you do not have the unlimited data plan on your iphone, please monitor your traffic closely as this can be very costly if you go over your data plan.  Also, if you have SBSetting, there is an additional plugin to add a tethering toggle.  This will allow you to quickly enable and disable your MyWi.




3. Lockinfo ($4.99): This app makes your lockscreen very useful.  By default, the iphones lockscreen shows only the clock.  With this app, it shows all your notifications, emails, calendar, notes, and weather.  This means that when you click the home button, you are able to quickly see any information on your phone. 






4. Infiniboard ($1.99): This app allows you to scroll down on the home screens.  This allows you to have many more than 16 applications per page and allows you to avoid using folders. It is very basic, but functional application. 




5. Backgrounder (free): With the release of iOS 4.0, multi-tasking became available.  I am not very impressed with multi-tasking from apple.  You are not able to see what is currently running, it stops parts of the applications from working, and there is not an easy way to keep an application running in the background.  With backgrounder, you are able to know exactly what is running and shut it down through SBSettings.  A must have for you hardcore iPhone fans!


I hope you like my list.  Please leave any of your favorites in the comments.  If you would like me to review an app, please email


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