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My Top 5 Favorite Android Apps

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  Android is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile operating systems on the market. Wikipedia says Android OS smartphones ranked first among all smartphone OS handsets sold in the U.S. in the second and third quarter of 2010,       with a third quarter market share of 43.6%  They have consistently increased in number of devices since its release in 2007. I had the previlage of using an Samsung Captivate running Android 2.1.  Although the phone would not have been my pick (Droidx would be my choice), the Operating System was fantastic.  Here is a list of a few of my favorite apps:

Android Sugar

Sync: An android application that allows the user to synchronize content from multiple devices with the mobile phone. With just an Internet connection and a computer (PC, tablet or mobile) you can access anywhere, anytime all your documents, photos or files, these files can be synchronized in real time. A must have, for all mobile users who have more than one device.




Android Photoshop: The name of this app does not need explanation, but Adobe has created a version of its software for editing and retouching, optimized to work on Android phones. Adobe is definitely committed to the Android platform, since the company is also working on a Adobe Air platform for the Android market. Anyway, having Photoshop on our Android phone allows us to resize photos, change their color profiles, rotate pictures or some other task. Some thought that Photoshop is too heavy for Android phones, but that is not the case. The Android version of this app runs smoothly.




Android Layar: If you want to learn about the enhanced reality, then this application is for you. Go download Layar. This app takes advantage of geo-tagging and the camera of your Android phone to offer you information of any establishment, with only pointing at the destination frame with your camera, you’ll see a visual text displayed near it, describing what you are seeing.. Very useful when you’re somewhere where you don’t know your way round or to explore new places.





Android Gmail: I think that this needs no explanation, but I will tell you that this application allows us to get on the phone Android e-mail from Google. It usually comes by default on most phones with Android, but, amazingly some manufacturers removed it, so you’ll possible will have to install it by yourself.





Android Barcode Scanner: With this application you can read barcodes with your camera phone. After reading it, you’ll get the product information via the Internet and even, sometimes, can buy the product online and get it released by the push of a button (well, of some buttons).

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