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How to Watch All Your Favorite Television Shows and Movies on Your Mobile Phone

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At Gadget Grave, we have been trying to figure out the best way to cancel our digital cable plans.  We have set up Xbox media centers, computer media centers, and used the DroidX/Incredible as a media center. The idea of getting free television/movies is not a new one, but up until this point, there has not been an 'end-all' solution.  The boxee box looks promising...and we will report about it when we use it.

So far, I have not found a good way to stream movies from my iphone to my television. Looking into the current RCA cables for the iphone, we have found that video quality is quite poor.  I am looking forward to a docking solution on receivers that will transmit video (let me know if you hear about anything).  

In the mean time, I have found 2 excellent websites that have a large library of Movies and Television shows.  Your phone does not have to be jailbroken or rooted for these to work.  Both of these websites are viewable on the iPhone and Android phones (other devices that play .mp4 format should work as well).  I am now officially caught up on Dexter thanks to these websites:



1. This website offers a wide variety of content. The quality is fantastic and it plays over 3g without hiccups.  While it does take a little bit to load the video, it is well worth the wait.  There are no commercials, no annoying pop-ups, no survey's, and best of all, no sign-ups.  This is a completely free service that is supported soley by the audience that watches.  If you like it, we suggest you donate. 











2. This website concentrates on movies.  It catagorizes them by the year they were released.  I did find some dead links on this site, but overall, it is a great find for mobile viewing.  Although there is a members only section, I found that browsing the free section offered a wide variety of shows. 




Let me know what you think about these websites in the comments.




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