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Warning Signs Your Xbox Might Have the Red Ring of Death!

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When an Xbox 360 gets the three flashing red lights around the power button this is called the Red Ring of Death. Some indications that you may be heading for the dreaded RROD are:

1. Freeze-ups (weird screen graphics problems)

2. Frozen sound or static-like sound

3. The only console response you get is when you turn the power button on or off

4. E74 or another error message is displayed on your TV

These things will happen more and more often until the RROD occurs and won't go away. Do not confuse the RROD (three red light error) with four red lights (console doesn't detect that the AV cable is plugged in).

In a few instances, we have seen the same issues, but the Xbox does not display any Red Light.  The light is still green, but the audio and video go out.  We fix this problem the exact same way as we repair the Red Ring of Death.

Give us a call at (479) 431 - 6091 today if you have any questions about your Xbox not functioning properly.  If you do not live in Fort Smith, you can mail your broken Xbox 360 to Gadget Grave. 

For more information about Gadget Grave Repairing Broken Xbox 360's, click that link.

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