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iPhone 4 vs. DroidX

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Motorola's newest Android phone, the Droid X burst onto scene with its impressive range of features. The battle between the Droid X vs iPhone 4 is on. But have they done enough to conquer Apple's iPhone 4? Read on to find out.

The Droid X boasts a large 4.3 inch high res display which is one of its most striking features whilst the iPhone has a smaller 3.5 inch display but has a higher resolution screen due to its Retina Display. In terms of overall picture quality, the iPhone 4 wins here although some people may prefer the extra 1.2 inches in screen size in sacrifice of the better quality image.

The Droid X feature's an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash while the iPhone 4 features a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The iPhone has a second front facing camera which enables you to do video chat opposed to the Droid X which has only 1 camera. Both screens feature a touch screen which allows you to use an on screen keyboard.

In terms of image sharpness in still shots, the Droid X does fair slightly better but despite the extra 3 mega pixels on the Droid X, for overall image quality and the benefit of having a 2nd camera for video calls, the iPhone 4 is superior in this area.

The sound quality from both phones during calls is crystal clear. Although the iPhone 4's audio sounds slightly more full and sharp. Both phones feature noise cancellation technology which delivers a noticeable improvement by eliminating background noise in calls so your voice can be heard clearly.

For connectivity features, both phones are similar although the Droid X is the winner here. They both feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The advantage the Droid X has here is that it can re-broadcast wireless signals and act as a mobile hotspot which enable to use other Wi-Fi devices with your 3G connection. The Droid X also features a HDMI out port which enables you to connect it to a TV, whilst the iPhone 4 is limited to AV cable connectivity.

The Droid X comes with 8GB of storage on board; in addition to this it also includes a 16GB micro SD memory card to increase the storage to 24GB. The Droid X can be expanded to a maximum of 40GB with a 32MB memory card.

The iPhone 4 comes with 16GB on board storage but cannot be extended like the Droid X can. However, there is a more expensive iPhone 4 model which is supplied with 32GB of storage. In comparison of the storage at each phone's base level price, the Droid X comes out on top here.

Overall, the iPhone 4 edges it. Both these Smartphone's have excellent displays and come feature packed. Certain aspects such as storage and display size/quality come down to personal preference. The iPhone 4's vast selection of apps, smooth and intuitive OS, contemporary sleek design and excellent multimedia performance really keeps it ahead of the chasing pack.

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