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Top 5 Jailbroken Apps

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Jailbreaking your iPhone has been a possibility since the iPhone first appeared on the market, and has been shrouded in controversy and legal issues ever since. Now that the US supreme court has ruled that jailbreaking  your iPhone is completely legal the only question now is why, or why not?  Among the thousands of apps available through jailbreaking your phone there are five that really stand out.

#1 MyWi:
Mywi is a Wireless tethering app for laptops iPods iPads and many other mobile devices via a secured or unsecured wifi connection or direct tethering via a USB Cable for laptops that charges your phone at the same time.  An Unlimited data plan is recommended as these devices eat data quickly

#2  Installous:
Installous is an incredible app that allows you to test out and app before purchasing it from the AppStore.  It is very easy to use and in most cases you get a full unaltered app just like from the AppStore. If you like the App your trying out there is also a direct link to the app in the AppStore so you can purchase

#3 3G Unrestrictor
This app allow other apps to always work like they are connected to a wifi network. This is particularly handy when downloading content from iTunes while on he go. The iPhone will not allow the Downloading of larger files unless it is connected to a wifi network this bypasses that.

#4 Barrel
Neat "app" that changes the way your springboard acts when switching pages.  Has many settings, for example "cube" and carousel. ( Cole,I don't have a way to do it right now but maybe a screen shot, video or something of that sort here)

Allows different multitouch gestures to activate specific actions on the phone. For example, pulling down from the status bar to activate the camera. Double tapping the home button to open your email. Almost anything is possible! This application is completely customizable allowing almost countless ways to quickly access every function of your phone.

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