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My iPhone has a White Screen - Fort Smith AR Repair

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This issue can be caused by a few things, but is fixable. If you have this issue or it suddenly happens to your 3G and 3Gs your looking at any where from $0.00- $59.99. iPhone 4 is $0.00 - $129.99.

The first thing to try is a hard reset - hold down the power button and home button at same time. This will power your phone down then the apple logo will reappear. If the issue still occurs the next thing I would try is a back up and restore.

If after a hard reset, back up and restore the white screen still occurs, you may have a loose connection. This is a good sign due to the fact you won't have to replace any parts.  If you have never messed with taking an iPhone apart I would not suggest trying. Gadget Grave specializes in iPhone repair and does not charge for reconnecting loose connections.

If your LCD (liquid crystal display) is bad, it is fixable. Depending on which iPhone you have, for 3G or 3Gs it's $59.99. Gadget Grave will replace your and put on a free screen protector. The repair takes about 20-30 minutes. The iPhone 4 is a little longer repair and runs $129.99 (an hour thirty to two hours).  You have to take the entire phone apart to replace the LCD, but the LCD and digitizer (controls the touch function) are fused together. This means you can't replace just one. You have to replace both the LCD and digitizer together.

Gadget Grave has replaced over one thousand LCD and digitizers and counting, and we put a warranty on our work for 30 days! We fully test our work to make sure when you leave with you iPhone it's working the way it was when you first got it. Stop by to have your iPhone diagnosed, give us a call, or even mail it in.

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