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How to Connect to Xbox Live Through a Wireless PC

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For those of you wondering, there is a very simple way of getting around the fact that the Xbox 360 only uses the 10$ Microsoft made Wireless adapter, using only the Ethernet cable that comes with the Xbox, a computer/PC, and your Xbox 360. It's logically impossible to hack the xbox with the pc.


  1. Make sure to have your wireless laptop or PC close enough to your Xbox 360 for the ethernet cable to reach.
  2. Turn on your computer, but NOT your Xbox 360. (Make sure to have your Xbox 360 plugged in, just not on.
  3. On your computer, click the Start menu.
  4. Go to Control Panel and choose 'Network and Sharing Center', then choose 'Manage Network Connections'.
  5. You should see 2 icons: Local area connection(LAN) and Wireless. Ctrl Click both (Or highlight both) then right click on one and choose Bridge Connection.
  6. In the lower right hand corner of you screen where you see your connection status, hover you mouse over it and it should show that you are connected wirelessly to the internet, as well as an unknown ethernet network.
  7. Start up your 360 it should automatically sign you into Xbox Live.
  8. If it doesn't, go to Settings and select Network Settings.
  9. Once in there, choose 'Test your Xbox Live connection'. This should connect you to Xbox Live. If it doesn't, make sure all of your DNS and IP settings are set to automatic on your computer and Xbox 360.
  10. If that still doesn't work try going to and choose your router. Directions are very simple.
  11. NOTE: In order to use Xbox Live your computer must be ON at all times.



  • Don't try and fool around with other settings, you DON'T need to. Just these will work perfectly
  • Do not turn off the computer, this is the only catch, if the computer is turned off the connection will be broken.


  • Do NOT turn off the xbox 360 during the live update (if it updates)! it has not frozen its just loading

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox 360
  • PC with a wireless card and a ethernet port/Laptop
  • a tv
  • some free time to read
  • An Ethernet cord
  • An XBox live membership card

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