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How to Mod an Xbox

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Adding a media center to your Xbox allows you to share of music, movies, pictures and videos between Xboxes and computers, use emulators, and get weather forecasts.


  1. Buy or get the necessary equipment. Xbox Action Replay(
  2. spare USB cable) & Original Mechassault. (You must find an original copy of MechAssault or Splinter Cell.)
  3. NOTE: To be certain that your copy of MechAssault will work, take a look at the laser etching on the inner ring of the disc. If you see MS02301L then it will work, if it is MS02308L then it will not.
  4. Using mIRC connect channel called #xbins, type /msg xbins !list at the prompt. This will give you a site, username and password for FlashFXP.Assuming someone answers. The first time I tried this I got no reply, tried later in the day, no problem.
  5. Using FlashFXP, quick connect to the site (from mIRC) using the username and password (also from mIRC).
  6. Download XBOX/OperatingSystems /linux/distributions/ltools/, /XBOX/apps/media players/XboxMediaCenter/ (about 40MB file).
  7. Open Action Replay, drag the file into Action Replay (will now by called "Run Linux").
  8. Move the file from the memory card to the Xbox Hard Drive.
  9. All previous Mechassault saves must be deleted before you move file to hard drive.
  10. Put Original Mechassault Game in, Go to Campaign, select the "Run Linux" profile (wait for white background menu to come up).
  11. Select "UXE Install" in this new menu.
  12. When asked what to select, use "PBL/Metoo", "generic fonts", and "MXM".
  13. Open FlashFXP, Quick connect to "" with username "xbox" password "xbox"
  14. Put the XBMC folder you downloaded earlier in "/E/Dashboard/"
  15. Restart the Xbox, and to share files with your computer, just share them like a normal computer network.
  16. Download other Xbox applications and you can play Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Sega games off your Xbox!



  • It will take awhile for the Xbox to load, so be patient!
  • It will Disable Xbox live for your Xbox but not ban your Gamer tag you can still play online on an unmodded xbox.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Action Replay (used for game cheats)
  • Original Mechassault
  • Networked computer
  • Itools Linux loader(free)
  • Xbox Media Center(free)
  • FlashFXP(free)
  • mIRC(free)

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