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iPhone - Battery Management and How to Get the Most Out of It

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The iPhone seems to be in almost every hand in the world. Well not yet, there are still some people who choose too use other types of phones and all power to them! But us with iPhones know how easy it is to use! But one big complaint is the battery life! That's something I struggle with but can't change.

There are a few ways to control your batteries life. Turning off everything you have running in the background. The wifi if your not using it. Because it is continuously searching for a signal. Just go into settings and turn it off.

Bluetooth is another tool that the iPhone has that is always sending out and searching for a signal! Going into settings and general to turn bluetooth off can and will save battery life.

Brightness of you lcd screen or called your display can greatly effect your screen! When the screen display is turned all the way up it cuts the battery life in half. It uses so much that it's better to have it turned down to save you lcd screen life and battery life. Going into settings can keep that battery lasting longer.

There are other things such as closing all the programs you aren't using! Turning off all applications that are always using the Internet! The consistently sending info to and from iPhone! Takes less battery to send text then a phone call. These can help as can others. But If u do these things and better life still drains quickly might need a new battery. Which aren't easy for everyone to replace. But Gadget Grave will be glad to help you out! Go to our website



or call 479-431-6091! Tell them you read this blog and receive $5 off your battery replacement.

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