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iPhone Tethering

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1) How to tether your iphone: One of the most useful ways of using your iphone is turning it into a wireless internet source for your other devices that do not have internet capability out side of home or work. This is known as tethering. Using your iphone to allow your laptop, ipad, ipod, tablet, or other wifi device to connect to the internet while you are mobile. I can say I use this everyday as my home and on the go internet source. There are a few ways you can go about tethering, you can go through your phone carrier or you can jailbreak your iphone. Going through your carrier will cost you a little more on your plan.

If you decide to use your carrier you can go to settings, then general, network, and use Set Up Personal Hotspot.  If you choose to jailbreak your iphone to tether, the App that I use is MyWi 4.0. If your iphone is not jailbroken you can do it your self or Gadget Grave for $20. It will take Gadget Grave about an hour to jailbreak your iphone. And if you choose to do it yourself I would find some good forms or youtube tutorials. One good site is  

After you have your iphone jailbroken, cydia will be on your iphone. Going through cydia will allow you to download MyWi and it will allow you to tether 3 ways. You can use wireless tethering, usb, and Bluetooth. Which ever way you choose to use make sure that device has the ability to access the tether. If you have any questions you can contact Gadget Grave (

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