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Gaming Console Upkeep

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3)      The 4 best tips for keeping your game console (Xbox, Playstation 3, or Wii) running smooth. One, make sure that the area the game console is in has plenty of space on all four sides. This is to make sure the console is getting enough air flow. If the console doesnt have enough air flow it will not run properly. It will over heat and cause you more issues. The more area console has to breathe the better it will run.

Second, dusting is another issue games don't think about. Console's pull air in, as dust is in the air it builds up on the inside console housing. Dusting is a key tip in making the life of your console longer.

Third tip for keeping your console running smooth, if you are not playing it turn it off! The longer it runs the longer the heat could effect it. People always want to leave it running, but when it is running the circuit board heats up along with the GPU chips causing the solder to heat up and cool down to fast causes cold solder joints. Which causes yellow light of death. It is fixable about 90% of the time. You can send it in to Gadget Grave if you ever run into this issue. You can contact us via phone (479-431-6091) or visit us a

The fourth tip to keep it running longer is using a CD/DVD laser cleaner once a month. "Which we sell for $15 plus tax." This help keeps all the dust and build up of the laser. If the laser does go bad, it could need a cleaning or need a new laser. To have a laser replaced it $100 to $120 for playstation 3's depending on the model you have and $64.99 for xbox 360 and nintendo will's. So these are some things you can do to keep the repair cost down and the life of your gadget long.

4) Jailbroken iPhones have a wide range of neat stuff they can do! One of those

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