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Upgrade your Gaming Hard Drive

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Ever feel like there is not enough space on your hard drive on your game console? Well don't worry your not alone. I have people want more space to save games, movies, music, and pictures. To some people game consoles have replace their DVD player, radio or mp3 player, and for some even their computers! I agree that there is always need for more space to save your games and personal files and switching out hard drives is the easiest way to go about that. 
The first thing I would do before doing a hard drive switch is delete anything you don't want saved or transferred. Then you can do a back up by going into settings, make sure you have either a external hard drive via USB or a large USB flash drive.  Once you have it backed up to a storage device your ready to swap out hard drives. You will need a small to medium size philips screw driver to remove hard drive from the playstation. Now if you are switching out hard drives on a xbox 360 you have to use a xbox hard drive unless you know how to exchange hard drive from it's case. 
Once you have switched out the hard drives you will either have to format the hard drive or install Sony playstation software which you can get from sony's site. Once you get the software installed, you are ready to restore your files from your back up. You will just go into settings again and restore from USB device. Now you have more storage and haven't lost any files. If you have any troubles or questions you can call or bring your device to Gadget Grave. 

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