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Liquid Damage- What to do when it happens.

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Oh no, you were having a great time in the pool and all the sudden you feel something bubble in your pocket. A knot forms in your stomach and a sinking feeling comes over you as you realize that the bubble you felt was air coming out of your phone. Air replaced by water. Your phone is not coming on, all of your phone numbers were saved in it, who memorizes phone numbers anymore. Not to mention all of the great impromptu pictures of your daughter that you took when she was doing something cute. What now? Is your device toast? Is all that data lost? In most cases no! The best course of action is to get it to the experts at Gadget Grave as soon as possible. With years of experience and the proper tools your device can be working, in most cases data intact, in as little at 24-48 hours! Getting to Gadget Grave immediately is not always possible but there are a few thing that you can do to that will heighten the chances that your device working again. The 1st thing to do is to power off the device if it isn’t already off. If it is, do not try to turn it on. The board already has short circuits caused by the liquid and allowing current to flow through the board again could worsen the situation. Staying on this same topic, if possible remove the battery and keep it out of the phone. And NEVER plug the device into the charger or the sync cable as the higher voltage and current flow can cause permanent irreparable damage. There are many home grown remedies to liquid damage including, using a hair dryer on high on the phone, putting the device in a sealed bag of rice,  and even things as crazy as putting the device in the oven on low.(I don’t think I have to say this, but NOT A GOOD IDEA!) The only one of these that I could even remotely suggest is the bag of rice. The rice is know to absorb humidity and can help remove moisture from the inside of the device. This will not remove any corrosion that has formed, but can make the likelihood of repair better,for when you can get your device to Gadget Grave. 

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