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Meet the newly added number one free app on the iTunes App Store: Instagram. Instagram is a free application that allows you to take photos, apply one of many different digital filters, then share your photo on any social network service.  Instagrams has created a new network that allows you to share photos with friends, family, fans, and clients .  Founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram was released on the iTunes app store in October of 2010.  By the following December, Instagram had over one million registered iPhone users. Instagram became so popular that in April 2012, Android joined in on the new craze. It was announced later that month that over 30 million were now registered with Instagram. It has become so popular that celebrities have even joined in!  It has become a very effecient tool for anyone that enjoys photography as a hobby, or profession. It is extremely user-friendly, for those who just want to try their hand at amatuer photography.  If you see a sunset and get that yearning desire to  capture and instantly share that image with others, then this is the app for you!         This is the window that allows you to choose the filter for your photo.  Select brightness and focus. Digital filters include, but are not limited to: Amaro, Ride, Hudson, Sierra, lo-filter, Sutro, Inkwell, and Valencia.     You can follow friends and family on Instagram, and their newly added photos will automatically appear on your Instagram news feed. There is also a popular page on which you can view the most popular photos of the day.      

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