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Galaxy note vs. iphone 4s

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Most of us have heard of the new phone that has been released by samsung known as the Samsung Galaxy note. Yes, it has a large screen but other then that, why switch from your dependable iphone to a samsung note? First, we will start with the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s has 64 GB of internal storage compared to the 16 GB of internal storage on the samsung note. The iPhone 4s also has a significantly newer bluetooth support, meaning with the iPhone you will typically have faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other bluetooth devices when compared to the Galaxy Note. Also, not only is the iPhone perfect hand size, but it has a 20% better display then that of the Samsung galaxy note. The iPhone 4s is also 20% lighter, lasts about an hour long during talk time and has around 30% more apps from the Apple App Store. Second, we are going to consider the Galaxy Note. THe Galaxy note has a OLED Screen meaning it is in general brighter and more vivid, along with much higher resolution screen. The tablet/phone also has more standby time as well as a significantly faster processor, about 1400 MHz comparted to Apples 800 MHz. Of course it has a larger screen, but it also has more ram. 1024 MB of ram compared to iPhones 512 MB of RAM.   I conclude that the iPhone is a more dependable phone but the rest is for you to decide.  Let us know what you think at

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