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How to set up your iPhone for straight talk

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So you want to switch to Straight talk and you already have an AT&T iPhone? This is a facet in which most of the employees here at Gadget Grave hole expertise. Pop in your sim card and you are off and running. Right off the bat, calls and text messages work without a hitch. Now you want to get Internet and MMS setup? Here is a step by step guide:

 1) You will need to jailbreak your iPhone. This can be a fairly straight forward process depending on the devices firmware (software version). This information can be found by navigating to settings>general>about. Once you have that information, you can go to and search for how to jailbreak.

 2) As soon as you process of jailbreaking is done, you will need to add a repo to get a cracked version of tetherme. Make sure you are logged onto your wifi. Now you will need to open cydia, click manage, click sources, click edit, then add the repo to "". It will pop up a warning, click 'add anyway'. This process takes a few minutes only. Once this is done, click return to cydia and then go to manage>sources>sinfuliphone repo> and find tetherme cracked. Install this.

3) Now that you have tetherme installed, you will need to edit your APN Settings. To do this, go to settings>general>network>cellular data network. From here, you will need to make some adjustments. Type the following in exactly as I have typed it (autocorrect likes to correct you here, but don't allow it)

Cellular Data:

APN: att.mvno

username **leave blank**

password **leave blank**

MMS: APN: att.mvno username: **leave blank** password: **leave blank** mmsc: mms proxy: mms max message size: 1048576

 4) Whew, you are now all set up, but not so fast. Your data will not work just yet. You will need to log off your wifi connection. Then you will be required to turn airplane mode on, then back off. Now you are ready to send picture messages and surf the web!

 Of course, if you cannot figure this out, we set up iPhones for straight talk for $20 plus tax. The process takes us 45 minutes - 1 1/2 hours depending what is on our desk in front of you. Give us a call at (479) 431 - 6091 or stop by our shop to get it all set up!

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