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Want Cheaper Service?

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At Gadget Grave, we are all about saving your money! Everything from cellular accessories, cellular devices, computers, gaming consoles, and repairs. On top of that, we now offer different prepaid cellular services. The great news is that you do not have to get a new phone to use a prepaid service! Bring in any AT&T phone and we can get you set up on our plans!

Our plans start at $40 per month. This is recommended for non-smart phones that are heavy text/talkers. For $40, you get unlimited phone calls and text messages per month! This is great for teenagers that do not need to surf the web! Especially if you have wifi at your house and your android/iPhone can use it to download apps!

Next, we have a $60 plan per month. It has unlimited talk/text/picture messages and includes 1GB of data. This is enough data for a casual user. Great for Facebook, some youtube, and basic web browsing. However, if you are going to stream a lot of youtube, netflix or hulu, this may not be sufficient data. This is the recommended plan for anyone with a smart phone.

Now you have decided you want to save money, another question is that how do you get the set up? Bring your device to Gadget Grave in Fort Smith for Prepaid cellular service! Most smartphones take 20-45 minutes to set up. When you first activate, there is a $20 activation fee (this fee is waived if you purchase your device from Gadget Grave). Once you are activated, you will be given your new number and the date when your plan will run out. This will allow you to plan your budget to be sure you have the cash to pay the bill on time.

Bills can be paid at Gadget Grave from Monday to Saturday between 10AM and 7PM. We look forward to setting you up with cheaper cell phone service! If you have any questions, please call us at (479) 431 - 6091.

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