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Just Because Your Phone Has Been Baptized, Does Not Mean It's Going to Heaven

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Water Damaged iPhones

The question often arises, "If I drop my phone in water, or spill something on it, what's the best thing to do to save it?" Well, despite all the myths and wives tales, it's a fairly simple answer. So many people turn to rice, hair dryers, or even canned air to solve this problem.

 As effective as these methods may be at drying your device, they do not resolve the incumbent issue that is detrimental to you device's circuitry...CORROSION! Unfortunately, simply allowing your device to dry does not magically fix it. Your device may have been baptized, but don't expect any miracles to take place in this situation. Corrosion is the real cause of most issues you might encounter in a liquid damaged device.

 The only way to remove this corrosion is to soak all the electronic components in an anti-corrosive solution, and scrub away any corrosion once it is loosened up from the circuitry. Any qualified technician should be able to perform this cleaning, but it's never a guaranteed fix. Your best bet is to get the device to a qualified technician as soon as possible, and pray for the best possible result. Doing this will limit the amount of corrosion that builds inside of your device. So, avoid sending your phone to meet its maker, and get it to a repair technician instead.

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