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Sony’s New Playstation 3 with Flash Memory AKA “Lipo Station”

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Play Station 3 Flash

 Sony’s New Playstation 3 with Flash Memory AKA “Lipo Station”

We have all come to know and love Sony’s PlayStations. Since they first hit the United States market in September of 95, they have come a long way. From those dark purple disks that could never be scratched, to the stunning high quality gaming. The PlayStation 3 has come very far from just a game system and now is about it go farther. Sony has announced a radically slim flash memory version of the PlayStation 3 to hit the shores of the United Kingdom. So what does this mean for gamers in the USA? To me, it means nothing new. Sony is looking to make the memory of their PlayStation more portable like their competition Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and trying to make their models of gaming consoles much smaller than in the past. The PS3 without a debut looks pretty in its new bulimic body. Coming from a gamer’s point of view this is just a way for Sony to make more money. I say get the older models. They come with a blu-ray player which the “flash model” will not. There is also the wifi adaptor in the older model that comes in the body, you would have to buy a new wifi antenna for your new model. For me, I could not do that again. I want to open the box, connect to my wifi, and kick butt on the Sony PlayStation network.   Is your PS3 Laser Broken? Game Freezing?  Gadget Grave Repairs Playstation 3's! But overall, Sony has not released any of the specs that it will have. The only thing they have released is what it looks like and what it doesn’t have. Frankly, if you already have a PS3, you should stay with that. I’m just happy to see that they are doing something about the way it looks. I mean its out in the open of my living room for everyone to see. I want that to look as nice and expensive as possible without breaking my bank account.

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