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HTC: The One X, the phone that changed Android

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The one X marked a new generation of Android phones. That generation being one of style and class. This phone is gorgeous. From the matte black finish to the marble white shine. Just about every part of this phone has class. Here is our take on this piece of art. The innards of this phone are sophisticated. It’s got a 1.5GHZ Dual-Core processor, which is quite the small beast. It scores highest second only to the Galaxy S III in Android devices. GadgetGrave Left: “Marble White” Middle: “Fashion Week” Right: “Matte Black.” It also has 1GB of SDRAM (Random-Access-Memory) for running all the task you could need. This phone can access AT&T’s LTE network with a theoretical speed of 100MBPS (MegaBits Per Second). To put that into perspective, the average american home has a speed of 5.3MBPS. That’s almost 20 times as fast!

 Style Points This phone definitely gets points for style. Few phones get a fashion week unit, and this is one of them. From the pin-dot style speaker grills, to the clever placement of the camera. HTC One X This phone ushers a new era of Android smartphones, where design meets hardware. For too long have Android phones all been the same dull designs. This one really cuts the cake with it’s mega-thin design and attention to detail. The official thin-ness of this device is 8.9 MM, that being said the average pencil is 7MM. That’s thin!

Durability The HTC One X is a phone of great debate on it’s durability. The polyurethane body is relatively tough compared to most phone’s out there that are simply plastic (ie the galaxy S II). Still, the body can and will take damage if you’re rough. A drop to concrete will scratch and ding this phone just as it will with any other phone. So don’t forget a case on your way out of the store! That all being said, this phone features Corning’s Gorilla Glass II. The second rendition of this glass is the same strength but 20% thinner. The Gorilla Glass is fused right to the LCD, for added protection. Here’s a video of that in action: . Just so you know, don’t expect me to fix your phone if you try that, but it’s still impressive. HTC One X + Beats Audio

HTC One X Beats Audio As we speak, I have my Dr.Dre Solo Beats in, attached to my device. To be humble, it sounds absolutely beautiful. I can hear every piano stroke, every guitar strum, and voices sound as if I’m there in the studio. The whole idea of Beats Audio was and still is to revolutionize the way we hear music, and what better place to put that technology than into something we use every day. If you are a music enthusiast, than the investment is great. If not, this technology (phone-side) will work with any headphones you have. It really does sound great, too.

Camera The camera has to be one of the most interesting parts of the phone. It’s a 2.0 arpeture. which means it lets a lot of light in. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Night time photos look incredible on the camera, and daylight photos look even better.

HTC One X Camera

Display The display is HD 16:9 Aspect ratio. That’s 720P for those who don’t know. At 312 PPI, it’s almost to the level the iPhone Retina display is at. Not Quite there, but close enough. When you look at the screen, you’re a bit overwhelmed by the SUPER LCD PLUS 2 Display. Colors look vibrant, text looks crisp, and photos and video look incredible. The HDMI out feature works very well. I was able to stream videos to my 1080P 47” TV as easy as plugging the cord in. The mirror feature is pretty good too, great if you don’t have a Set Top Box to run Netflix off of. Overview The HTC One X brought a whole new type of android phone to the table. HTC has always been a company of phones that looked nice, but this One (pun?) didn’t just cut the cake, it baked it, and frosted it. It sounds great, looks great, and runs great. This is definately a phone for somebody who considers themselves a person of the arts. Or even just the casual user can take advantage of it’s large and in charge 4.7” HD display. This phone brought a lot to the table and GadgetGrave gives it 8/10 stars.

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