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Choosing an Operating System

Posted by Aaron Price on

I have had many operating systems, such as Android and Apple's IOS and to be honest I love and hate both. As both operating systems have grown, so have I. I have played with the older ones when they were brand new and the newest ones out right now, including Apple's IOS 6 and Android Jellybean 4.2. So lets begin. Android, in my option, is for people that like spending time on their phones. It’s all about how much time you want to spend on a cell phone.When I have mine, there wasn’t one thing that I could not change. But everything I wanted changed, I had to do it myself. Being younger, I was able to spend a large amount of time reading forums and watching videos on Youtube. Being older, your free time goes down by a lot and that small amount of free time is not going to play with a cell phone. It seems to me that people that are into the tech side of devices with Android system products because they like to learn and develop there phones or pads a very specific way. I can see where that would be fun and very useful. Again that's if you have the time, know how, and the willingness to do it yourself. Now when it comes down to any Apple product its all about how easy the phone is to use.What Apple has done is made a device that anyone can use with easy and that is brilliant. A two year old can figure out a lot how to use an Apple product with out instruction. That is amazing to me for two reasons: that they did that to begin with and why would you let a two year old play with your iPad or iPhone. Given, now a days device repair shops like Gadget Grave are popping up everywhere.  Any age is able to use it to its full capacity. I like how Apple took everything that everyone didn't like about IOS 5 and make it so much better. Sadly no one has released a jailbreak for IOS 6 with an A5 processor or higher. But its all about what fits you best. Neither is bad, I think they are both great. They both do what they need to and do it well. A recap: Android if you like having control over ever part of your cell phone and like to change or customize everything on your mobile device; Apple's IOS if you like opening the box and being able to use it right away and the simplicity of the operating system. Again its all about what you feel like doing with your mobile device. There are also a lot more operating systems, these two just seem to be the main system that the majority of people use. So choose carefully and choose with comfort.

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