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Wii U Controller Part #1 (Before I play with the Wii U)

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Finally, there is a controller for all of your tech toys. The Wii U controller will be released this up coming week. Nintendo has really stepped up their game with this new adaptation of the Nintendo Wii. Big news right out the gate, the Wii controller will be able to controller everything you have for playing with your game consol. This game pad has a variety of amazing features such as: a 6.2 inch touchscreen, microphone, camera, speakers, infrared sensor, gyroscope, and so much more. What I am really excited about is the infrared sensor because now you can control everything that has an infrared sensor such as your T.V. Now we are able to have one controller instead of three or four. I dont know about you about I have a lot of remotes all as important as the last. Lose one and you loss the ability of hitting the input or menu botton. This has happened to many times, but not anymore.

Nintendo Power Glove

Now this is not a universal remote. This controller is opening many doors to a whole new simple way of life. The Wii U controller allows you to turn on you T.V., change the input, and start your console. But wait theres more. You can also play on controller it self. New levels of gaming can begin with this or it can go like so many other devices Nintendo has thrown at us. But I really do hope its great.Nintendo has done what they always do. They come up with a great device only to have it fail. Now i dont know about you guys but I loved the Nintendo Power Glove. So lets wish them good luck and see what happens with this very bold move. Continue read part two by clicking the link.

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