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Google Glass

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The future, we really dont realize what we have till we have something better. Look at the size of the cellphone, some how they are getting smaller but are packed with more technology than ever before. As I was wondering through the blogs I read to keep up to date, I read something amazing. Have you ever thought "Oh we wont see that till the far future." That is the very same thought that I had. Well the future is here, Google Glass.

Google Glass display

Google Glass looks like a normal pair of glasses with a few difference, these glasses have the internet built into them and they seem like something so unreal. There is already a list of features that Glass will have, everything you can do on Google+ and much more.
-Phone Calling
-Video Calling
-Camera/Video Recording
-HD Camera
-Weather updates
-Navigation w/ Google Maps
-Indoor Navigation
-Google Places
-Shared Locations/Check In
-Google Circles
-Google Hangout

Google Glass Glasses

This is a list released by Google. The company has shared that Glass will have all of these features and many more to come. At the Google key notes when they revealed how Glass can be used in real life situations. I feel like this is one of the biggest product of the future. Something so futuristic, we dont realize it's potential. I am very excited to see where Google Glass is going and how soon I can get my hands on a pair.

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