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How Samsung is Leading the way with the Galaxy S III

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While there was a time when the iPhone was the most popular phone of choice on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S III has recently surged in popularity. The reason is that its industry leading design can handle more of the things people want. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III has more RAM memory available than even the iPhone has. With the iPhone only offering .5 GB and the Galaxy coming in at 2 GB, you can quickly see how you are able to get more done. The android jelly bean technology allows users of the phone to have the fastest and most effective device on the market. Users will find that this technology will give them a better UI that can handle more complex gestures and swipes. Best of all, the technology also allows for screen reading, helping the Samsung Galaxy S III to become a stronger model than even the iPhone.The CPU clock is also considerably faster in this device than many of the other options on the market. Users will have a 4 X 1.4 GHz CPU clock combined with a 32 nm semiconductor for exceptional processing speed that can help for improve user experiences.
Of course, there are other benefits to this device that goes beyond the power and technology it uses. Take for example that the GS 3 is one of the lightest and thinnest phones on the market. The current version is .7mm thinner than the iPhone, while coming in at 9g lighter, creating a handset that is easier to handle. Word wrap technology is another benefit users will have. For this device, you are going to find that you are able to more effectively read the long lines of information from the internet beyond on your phone. With the word wrap technology, users also have a chance to experience the internet faster on this device. That makes it one of the best solutions in the market. Users will also find that the industry leader has really outdone themselves with these additional features:
  • S Beam allows users to touch phones and exchange information.
  • Batteries can now be charged without the use of wires.
  • A smart screen helps to prevent dimming.
  • Multiple storage options add to the experience, especially with expandable technology.
  • With a single lift of the hand while writing a text message, users can switch over to calling their recipient.
  • The camera technology takes 20 pictures at one time and allows users to select the best photo from the 8 it feels are the strongest.
This is all technology that users are going to find will allow the Samsung Galaxy S III to reach the next level and will work for even the most basic user. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it has quickly become the phone of choice for all those who are in the market for a new device and want more than what the iPhone is currently able to offer them.

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