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The iPhone 5 at a Glance

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The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest offering in their line of popular phones. Users who previously owned the 4 or 4s models will notice that the latest version offers a thinner case, while being taller and easier to handle. This is due to the generous 4 inch screen that provides a 16:9 ratio screen.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4SMany users will also appreciate the retina display that the phone offers. Features of this display include a reduction in glare that the eyes experience from the screen, while providing ambient light. This combined with improved color ad quality produce a visually stunning display that is certain to capture the attention of any technology fan.

The improved screen isn’t the only feature that stands out in the iPhone 5. Also new is the A6 processor that allows fast loading apps, quicker navigation and an all-around improved user experience.While speed is important, users of the iPhone 5 may find that they are enjoying their cameras a bit more. With a new sapphire crystal cover and 8MP sensor and lens combo, this is a scratch resistant camera that is going to truly stand out. In fact, you will find that everything from the coveted Face Time feature to the Panoramic Photos you take will appear sharper for a longer period of time. iPhone 5 users will also notice an improvement with their communication thanks to added microphones in the phone. Not only is the traditional bottom microphone in place, but Apple has also added in front and rear microphones that will improve the experience that users have. This means that no matter if you are taking video or chatting with Face Time, users will be able to hear everything you are saying. IOS6

IOS6 is another feature that should be touched on with the new iPhone. This powerful new software allows users to better use Siri. Not only has her depth of understanding increased, she is also able to provide you with a better overall experience. Some new features include the ability to make dinner reservations, check movie show times in seconds and even provide you with directions with a simple push of a button.

There is also the integration of Apple Maps. These maps will provide you with a fly over experience of popular cities and allow you to experience new areas with stunning visuals. From driving to sightseeing, this can potentially help you to improve your experiences.

Another change that will be noticed in the iPhone 5 is the fact that the former 30 pin connector is now gone in favor of the digital lightning port. This allows you to have an improved digital exchange with your home computer, although it maxes out at USB 2.0 speeds.

There is no denying that the new iPhone 5 is one that will meet the needs of the technology enthusiast. From the stunning retina display, to the high speed lightning cable, users are going to find a powerful tool that offers a respectable 8 hours of talk time.

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