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Malware - The Most Common Repair We See

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Ok, you’re probably well aware of what we call the Trojan Horse malware. If not then a good brief description would be a utility of some kind or any software that appears safe and is actually malicious. The majority of the cases we see at Gadget Grave have this type of malware on them. Some of its most common forms come packaged in with programs like:
  • Free Online Games
  • Downloaders of ANY kind
  • Search Bar Utilities
  • Plug-ins or extensions (Try to avoid these)
  • **Magic** Programs (that clean everything and optimize everything all with the click of a button)
  • File format not supported etc..(if you need their program to play it, it’s not worth the risk)
spyware toolbar This type of malware can be very frustrating and cause you serious grief if your click happy like most of us. Make sure you double check what you cancel or allow, install or download. It’s a good idea if you are unfamiliar with the website you are going to visit to run it through a reputation checker. You can find one relatively easy ( , this is a good one) and they are typically accurate about the safety of visiting any website. Sound excessive? Not if it saves you time and trouble later on. Basically think of the most awesome software you can think of and type it into google. For instance “100% free music downloader for life, the legal edition” and download the first program that pops up; this will likely lead to a solid dose of this annoying and mostly avoidable malware. If it seems to good to be true it more than likely is. Again, just be wary of what you download and install. Listed and pictured below are some pretty common forms of this type of malware. spyware toolbar 1 These programs look relatively innocent and seem to maybe even be helpful at first. They’re typically only an inch deep however and yield a solid pain in the neck when used. While these are the most common types of malware they are the most avoidable and are typically easy to remove. **REMEMBER**You can avoid this junk by using discretion when you download or install anything. Toolbars are almost always a bad idea. Most modern internet browsers use the address bar to search as well so there is no need for these toolbars in most cases. Use great discretion when downloading any plug-in as well. These can be very tricky and while they may make a video play they are most likely infecting your computer. Just a little bit of knowledge and use of the right tools can keep your computer clean and free of performance inhibiting junk. When in doubt check the reputation, if you believe your infected bring it in and let us take a look for you. We can clean it up and answer your questions about keeping it clean.

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