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Jailbreak Tip: How to Play Super Nintendo on Your Jailbroken iDevice

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How to Install an SNES Emulator on Your iDevice

How about a serious blast from the past?  I haven't touched a Super Nintendo in years!  Thanks to the jailbreak community, there are now Emulators in the Cydia App Store (they have actually been there for awhile...I am a bit late to the game).  Once it was installed, the setup is very simple.  Connecting the WiiMote was SUPER simple!  It seriously took 15 minutes to get it all set up and another 30 minutes to download over 100 games!  Here is the step by step guide to install an SNES emulator on your iDevice. SNES Emulator Super Mario Jailbreak your iDevice (or you can bring it to us and we can get your setup!) Open Cydia>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and then type in 'Http://' (There will be a warning that pops up on your screen.  Click 'add anyway') Sinfuliphonerepo Once it is done installing, You will need to do a Search in Cydia for 'Snes9x EX'. At the top right, you will click install. SNES Package Download If you plan on using a WiiMote, do another search for 'BTStack'.  This is free as well.  At this point, you have done everything you need except 1 important thing....GAMES!  Lets get some games. While in Cydia, do a search for 'SNES ROM mega pack'.  There will be 3 seperate downloads.  Each of these has multiple games, so the downloads are pretty large.  Be patient while they install. How to pair the WiiMote to the iDevice: Turn on your WiiMote On your iDevice, go to Settings>BTStack> Make sure there is a Check Mark next to 'BTStack' for 'Active Bluetooth Stack' BTStack Settings  Open SNES9X EX on your iDevice. SNES Screen Shot Tap 'Scan for WiiMotes/iCP/JS1'.  While it scans, you will need to be sure to tap buttons on your WiiMote.  If Successful, it will say 'WiiMote 1 Connected' SNES WIIMOTE SCANE Now time to play a game: At the Top of SNES9X, you will now click 'Load Game'. SNES Screen Shot   Start Playing!  If you found this tutorial was helpful, please share this with a friend and like it on Facebook!  

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