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How Having Dual Monitors Has Changed My Life

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Dual Monitor Setup
I have been working on computers for about a decade now this is one thing that has completely changed the efficiency of my time spent working. For something so simple, this has had a huge impact on my daily effort. It all started when a new hire in my office asked for double monitors as part of his sign on package. My first thought was “Why does this sissy boy need double monitors?” We all work fine with one, our computers come with one – logically this makes sense. Oh how wrong I was. It took a while to get used to it but once you do, you can NEVER go back.
  If you use this feature strategically you can more than double your work space. My personal setup is to have my email open on the second screen and the main two to three programs open on the main screen. This allows you to see if you have any new emails with having to minimize (and lose your train of thought) everything you are working on. Everything is open all the time. I also like to pull my spreadsheets open on the second screen so that when I need to input data into my main document, I don’t have to minimize to see the data stored in another program. This feature will fit perfectly into any work environment, for example if you are doing research for a school project or paper. You can keep Microsoft word open on you second screen and surf the web for content on your main screen. The days of notebooks on top of notebooks full of information from the encyclopedia are long gone! You can research and write your paper virtually at the same time. This also allows for seamless data transfer within the same program. You can drag and drop from one document to the other without having to close or open or risk losing anything.  

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