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Bluetooth Speaker Phone - Amazing Solution for Poor Sound on Your Cell Phone

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The time has come! The weather is getting nice, its time to get outside, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face; but not without music! Everything is better with music, and with having your music library on your phone, you should take advantage of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. External Bluetooth speakers are great for the bathroom, a day at the park, the boat, hiking, camping, hanging out, and even the operating room.
We have been testing the "My Vision" wireless Bluetooth speaker here in the store at Gadget Grave, and other places around Fort Smith. I was sold after 3 minutes of use, and here is why: Not only does it play music, but the user interface is compatible for Android and Apple's iOS. The usability, and ease of use with pairing are fantastic. You get several options for answering and making calls with iOS.

Bluetooth Pairing iPhone

The onboard microphone makes the speaker capable to use Siri, as you normally would.  Android devices will have most of the same options, but also allow you to adjust the bass boost, treble, and mid levels.

The speaker's housing is constructed of a rugged, yet refined and sleek looking aluminum casing, available in different color options. Even when it is turned up to 90%, it is still very clear. You can set it on a large hollow surface and pick up a few more bass tones, which was a great surprise. I set the wireless speaker on the hood of my Jeep, turned it up, and got a sort of sub-woofer quality, just from the hood of my car. It will interesting to see what other surfaces will produce different bass tones.

The ability to produce such a full and precise sound is through a compression-driver technology proprietary to "My Vision." The concept of a compressed driver has been around for quite sometime. However, with advances in technology, and he ability to manufacture smaller components, the crew at My Vision has brought us this solid package great sound with the ability to answer and make calls. It is a very clear sound with precision highs for studio, and recorded live music. This speaker probably is not something that will be able to "bump" some low end bass, or be loud enough to supply tunes for your next block party; but it is definitely an incredibly economic and handy device for you and a few of your friends.

Come into Gadget Grave, bring your phone, and lets get some of your favorites tunes in this speaker. All you will have to do is hear it, and you will leave with an awesome-sounding, wireless Bluetooth party!

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Power supplier lithium battery3.7-4 .2 V  DC5V ,600MA Li-ion battery Work current 30mA (Bluetooth module) Work current 400mA (power amplifier, Bluetooth ) Standby current 3mA Frequency range 2.401-2 .480 GHz (2.4GHz ISM Segment) Receiver sensitivity -90dBm, BER 0.1%SNR 95dB Support external TF card Distortion 0.2% Frequency Response 20HZ-20kHZ

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