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Net10 or Straight Talk? A Breakdown of Both Services

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Are you interested in Ditching your Contract Cell Phone Service Provider and switching to a Prepaid Cellular Service Provider?

Prepaid wireless plans have gained widespread popularity in the United States over the past few years.  Customers have grown increasingly worried about having to sign a 2 year contract to get a subsidized phone.  Many of these phones can be purchased used for a much better price.  Head over to our Used Phones page to see more about the devices we offer.  There are many different GSM MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that piggy back off T-Mobile and AT&T's network. In Fort Smith Arkansas, T-Mobile's network is very poor.  This means frequent dropped calls, no service, and slow internet.  I would recommend using an AT&T MVNO.  It seems like these are now a dime a dozen.  With companies like H2O, Red Pocket, Straight Talk, Net10, SkyView, Pure, Jolt, Fuzion, and tracfone, the determining factors come down to 2 points. 1) How much does it cost per month? 2) How is the customer support? Lets focus on the 2 top AT&T MVNO's for this blog.  Straight Talk being the most popular now, with Net10 in Close 2nd.

1) Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone (AT&T SIM Card Only)

[video type="youtube" clip_id="sAp9Hxd0Siw" autoplay="false" controls="true" disablekb="false" showinfo="false" modestbranding="false"] Plan: $45 per month:  Unlimited talk, text, and data. SIM card fee: $14.99 The good: Choice of AT&T or T-Mobile’s network (Again, in this area, T-Mobile coverage is poor). The not-so-good: Data policy is not clearly defined. One of the Employee's of Gadget Grave got cut off half-way thru the month without a warning.  They said the only way to get data back was to pay for another month. Phone support is always someone in India with a horrible accent. More infoOfficial site Straight Talk Logo

2) Net10 

[video type="youtube" clip_id="vdejAOV-xqo" autoplay="false" controls="true" disablekb="false" showinfo="false" modestbranding="false"] Plans: $50 per month:  Unlimited talk, text, and data.Auto Refill Saves $5/month on your bill effectively costing the same as Straight Talk.  Click Here to Learn How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill. SIM card fee: $9.99 The good: Reliable AT&T Network, Local Support by the guys at GoWireless. The not-so-good: Owned by same parent company as Straight Talk and offers same service, yet $5 more per month. More infoOfficial site net10 logo Currently, Net10 would be the network I would choose solely on the fact that there is local support. If you have issues with your straight talk, talking with support can take over 1 hour on hold and then you almost need a translator to discuss the issues.

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