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Technology Through the Ages - A Tale of Young and Old

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Apple, Apple, Apple. It seems everywhere you go the Apple logo is staring you down. There seems to be a good reason for that. Apple has developed a line of products that have done what no other technology group has been able to do, transcend age.

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My daughter is 3 and she seems to be able to use my iPad better than I can. At 18 months she knew how to work around the password on my iPhone, turn the music on, pause and skip songs. Where do these kids pick this stuff up?!? She now has a dedicated page (that is nearly full) on MY iPad that is full of her apps. She has some educational apps, some are just for fun and some I don’t even know how to use. She can learn everything from shapes, colors and numbers to how to properly brush her teeth and how long she should wash her hands. She is 3 for crying out loud! She seems to pick up on new technology as fast as I do as a grown adult. Gadget Grave - New Technology I have come to LOVE Apple products, I love the simplicity of the iPhone, the user friendly apps and the coordination between my iPhone and iPad. This is something that she will grow up knowing, much like my generation doesn’t really remember a time before the internet. She will someday ask me what we used before Apple came to be, which is kind of a scary thought. My mother has an iphone. My Brother-In-Law has an iPhone.  Most 7th graders now have iPhones. At this rate my 3 year old should have one! This leads me to the second portion of this blog with I find rather intriguing. I was visiting with my elderly neighbor about a month ago and she was talking about something she saw in the paper and some cat down the road that sleeps on her car. Then she did something that surprised me she pulled out her iPhone to show me a picture of said cat. She was navigating through the process like she had been doing it her whole life. I asked her if she liked her iPhone and she proceeded to teach me about her apps and how she uses it for this and uses it for that. She looks up movie times and skims the news headlines. She takes pictures of random cats to show to her nosy neighbor at a later date. She said when her kids bought it for her for Christmas that is sat in a drawer for a month because she thought it was silly to have all that on your phone. Now she doesn’t understand why she waited so long to dust it off and put it to use. Gadget Grave - Old Technology The design team at Apple needs a raise, (or maybe just a catered lunch) for creating a product that can truly cross generations. There are not too many markets who can say that they appeal to a toddler and the elderly and everyone in between.

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