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Top Apps - 3 Fabulous Apps to Make Life Easier!

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of apps, we have picked out 3 that we think are fabulous! With the overload of advertising for apps these days it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are the 3 apps that we deem worthy of researching. Google Drive, Evernote and Mint are some of the best streamlining apps out there! Gadget Grave - Google Drive Google Drive is a very easy to use data collaboration system that is easily accessible from the user friendly app. When you save your information in Google Drive you can access all your documents, pictures, and spreadsheets from anywhere because it is web based. No more getting to the meeting and needing the file that is saved to your desktop at home, you can simply open your Google Drive app and email the document right from your gmail account or open it for your presentation on your laptop or tablet. You can also share folders among other users and simultaneously create and alter documents. Google Drive - iTunes Download Google Drive - Google Play Download Gadget Grave - Evernote Evernote is an app for tracking and storing notes and to do lists. Evernote is divided into 3 categories that are all showcased on the main screen. You can easily create to do lists, “notebooks” and locations with this app. To do lists, once created give you the ability to mark the tasks as completed without deleting the information from the list. In “notebooks” it’s exactly that, a notebook. You can jot down notes or directions or a shopping list just like in a traditional pen and paper format but this one is stored neatly on you tablet. Tags will allow you to search the information in the entire app to look for specific key words or phrases. Locations allows you see exactly where you put the information in. I don’t use this feature but it’s nice to know it’s there. I use the “to do” feature the most. The main screen lets you see a summary of each list or note. You can easily access your information from this screen. Evernote - iTunes Download Evernote - Google Play Download Gadget Grave - Mint is an all inclusive money management website that allows you to view, track and analyze your money in one simple easy to use app. On the main screen you can see the total amount in each bank account, the current charges on your credit card, if you are on track with your current budget or any alerts that Mint thinks you need to see. Over time Mint will track how much you usually spend in each category (Gas, movies, groceries, fast food, shopping, etc.) and all alert you if your spending limits are outside your normal spending habits. I especially like this feature because I can see month to month what I am spending and keep myself in check. In the Cash Flow section you can see exactly how much you have spent in these categories over the last 30 days. It tracks your spending down to the individual transaction up the budget for the month. Mint - iTunes Download Mint - Google Play Download The great thing about all of these apps is that they are all accessible from your computer, phone and tablet. All three of these apps are available on the Android and Apple markets. These apps with help you truly streamline instead of just giving you more apps to check!

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