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The Myth of IOS 7

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Apple has done it again; they have stopped humanity on the brink of their next release. IOS 7 is almost here and here is what you need to know. The user interface has been completely over hauled, there’s a new Siri integration and IOS 7 has a ton of new features. iphone 5 iOS 7 Gadget Grave The user interface has a whole new look. The display is crystal clear, the open slide that you are used to is now gone, has been replaced with a minimalistic simple design translucent slider. Once the phone is open, the home screen has a very clean design. The apps have all been redesigned to show a slicker clear cut operating system. One swipe of your status bar and the notification center is fully accessible. This is split into three screens. The first is the “Today Tab” this shows the date, current reminders, calendar events, current stocks and any alarms that are activated. This will show you everything you have to do that day. The second is the “All Tab” The tab is totally customizable. Use the options in your settings and select what you want to see. If you are into social media your facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr and Google hangout updates are at your fingertips without having to access the apps. The third tab is the “Missed Tab” this tab will show anything you missed while you were away. Calls, texts, emails, just about anything you want or need to know that you may have missed is there. All three can be set up anyway you see fit. iOS 7 icons gadget grave The IOS 7 voice command is the much sexier version of Siri. The new Siri has voice options you can now choose between a man’s voice and a woman’s voice. Siri can now operate within the app itself. Siri can follow commands like “Where is the nearest restaurant” or “When is my next meeting” and Siri doesn’t have to go the internet and search for the answer to your question.  When a text comes in you can tell Siri to read it aloud and Siri gives you the option to reply. IOS 7 has an improved photo gallery. The new photo gallery a has a Photoshop feel. You can customize and edit all your photos. The background is gravitational; when you tilt your phone the background stays flush with the floor and the apps move with you. There are also many new features in the control center; there is now a flashlight, alarm, calendar and camera as quick keys. iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Gadget Grave Aside from the iPhone 5S there are also several other phones that IOS 7 will run on. The beta version of IOS 7 is fully operational on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. These phones are currently running the 6th beta version of IOS 7. The iPad 2, 3, 4 and mini. This is the time when the 3G and 3GS go in the woods to slowly die together. iOS 7 contacts calculator phone calls Gadget Grave

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