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A Message From the Founders

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These past few years have been an exciting and bumpy ride. From humble beginnings of working out of our homes and meeting customers in parking lots, we have now relocated 3 times as we’ve outgrown our facility, and are now looking to increase into a larger one. Each of these moves have been frightening, but have brought on more visibility and more opportunities.

To date, we have repaired roughly 20,000 devices.  We have grown from 2 founders, to a staff of 15. We take pride in the fact that we are creating jobs in Arkansas as well as creating new job skills. The technical skills and problem solving attitude we teach each day is valuable in any marketplace. We now have 110 corporate clients who each receive benefits such as a 15% discounts for all corporate billed repairs, scheduled pickups and dropoffs. Since August 1st 2013, we are averaging 42.2 repairs per day.  Looking back, It took us 6 months to do our first 1,000 devices.  Then over the following year, we did roughly 3,000 repairs. Since we have moved to The Quarry Shopping Center, we have complete 17,000 repairs. We are excited to see such growth and live in anticipation for what the future holds for us and this community. We are also working on several software projects, including a software system to manage the day to day operations of repair stores similar to ours.  This is exciting because as our system gets better, we are able to provide a better service to our customers and make huge strides in the industry. If you didn’t know, Gadget Grave will buy new and used gadgets as well as recycle old and damaged devices. We have bought back over 6,000 devices, donated a few hundred to charity organizations, and kept over a thousand out of landfills by recycling in efforts to reduce ewaste. We are working hard to increase our buyback program in this area and nationwide giving people the opportunity to switch carriers, get money for hard times, as well as trade in working devices after an upgrade.

 “The foundation of our business was built on respect for the customer. Great customer service is ingrained in every aspect of everything we do. Our customers come to us not only to fix broken devices but get solutions for all types of technology related issues including how to navigate the bureaucracy of the dreaded cellphone contract.” - Aaron Price, Co Founder

" I have been with Gadget Grave as an owner for the past two years. Every moment, though sometimes challenging, has been rewarding. I am proud to say that I am part of a company like  Gadget Grave. A company that knows in order to succeed, the customer has to come first, it's not always about the dollar. A company that knows its employees are its most valuable asset. I am proud of our excellent team. We have the best technicians/associates in their respective fields, in addition to being all around stand up guys....and girl. I look forward to our future. Both serving the river valley as we currently do, and elsewhere as we grow” - Alex Gordon, Owner and Repair Ninja “Aaron and I started Gadget Grave out of our trunk with no capital and have grown to a multi-million dollar business.  It has taken 4 years to get here, and sometimes seems like we are just spinning our wheels.  We are working on opening a 2nd location in the near future and have a team of guys that already live in Northwest Arkansas that are trained and ready to go.  I am excited to see where this next year will take us” - Cole Thornton, Co Founder

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