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Moto X - The Next Big Thing

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Moto X is due to release the end of August/early September. Moto X has over 2,000 customization options you can literally build the perfect phone. Moto X is the first phone to be produced since Google bought out Motorola. Motorola bought all the Nokia manufacturing plants making Moto X the first phone completely made in the good ole U.S. of A. This will be the beginning of an era of truly smart phones!   Moto X Custom Colors Moto X can be completely customized inside and out! Stock versions will be available retail but Moto X can be customized in any color combination. The customized version will be shipped out within 4 days to anywhere in the U.S with free shipping.  In the future Moto X will feature vinyl, ceramic and wood options. That’s right you can have a phone made of wood (well kind of)! You can have the back of the device “branded”, housing can be engraved to say anything you want. Moto X will always feature the newest version of Android software. You can purchase this phone knowing that you will always be up to date on the latest software available. To see more click here and see what AT&T has to say. The camera is a 10 Mega Pixel and it has complete clarity. Moto X also has an awesome new camera feature! Ordinarily if your phone is in your pocket and something AMAZING is happening, you have to struggle to get your phone, slide/swipe the screen open, find your camera app, waiting for it to open then wait for it to focus. By the time all of this is done the AMAZING thing is now just a bitter chuckle and you have not only missed a great photo but you spent so much time fiddling with your phone that you don’t even know what everyone is laughing about. Moto X is ready on the fly. Pull Moto X out of your pocket, flip the phone side to side three times quickly (a simple flick of the wrist) and the camera automatically opens, is focused and you can touch anywhere on the screen to capture. Now you are the only one at the party who got the PERFECT shot. This is called the “Twist and Take.”   Moto X Siri will be a thing of the past once you meet “OK Google Now”. Google Now accepts voice commands without touching the device at all. Simply look at your phone (yes, I said look) and say “Ok Google Now, please set an alarm for 6:00 a.m.” The screen will activate, set the alarm, confirm with Google Now and it’s done. It’s just that easy. “OK Google Now, what time is it in Russia?” “Ok Google Now, how many miles are between San Francisco and the Capital of Illinois?” Google now has the entire web at your fingert……tip of your tongue!! And you can get all of this through AT&T for $199.99.  

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