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Myo Armbands from Thalmic Labs

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Have you ever heard of Thalmic Labs, or their flagship product the Myo Bracelet? If you’re like most people, probably not.   team_ar_drone Thalmic Labs is a Company based in Waterloo, Canada and was founded early last year by:  Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant. When their flagship product the Myo armband first hit the market for pre-order Thalmic Labs was a relatively new company, barely even able to fund any sort of marketing for their product, at first. Now they’re growing at an alarming pace with new investors each day. Why should you care? Simply put the technology behind the Myo bracelet is going to forever impact the way we use our everyday technology. These guys are dedicated to the technology of the future, namely, “The development of gesture control, wearable technology, and human-computer interaction.”  (Thalmic Labs Website, Meaning a Bracelet that tracks the electric pulses sent from your brain to your muscles and using that data sends a signal via Bluetooth to your computer, television, stereo, anything else with Bluetooth capabilities and allows you to control it using gestures from across the room. This is verging on a revolution for the technology world, again. With this kind of technology the sky is rushing to its virtual limits and beyond. Imagine playing Call of Duty where your character moves because you moved, crouches because you crouched, and changes weapons because you physically reached for the next weapon in your imaginary weapons pack. The Wii was a good try but the Myo brings a whole new league to the game. You ARE the controller, no buttons, cursor, or even safety straps. When this technology meets the new Oculus Headset, a headset designed with a 360 degree surround and movable view; that is also being Partnered and developed by Thalmic Labs, I feel the Virtual 3d world, believed to be a myth by many, is just around the virtual corner. If your still unsure of the Myo or Thalmic Labs feel free to visit their website where they have a video showing off their MyoBracelet [pl_video type="youtube" id="oWu9TFJjHaM"] Right now you can pre-order a bracelet for $149.00 plus a ten dollar flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world; Which is insanely cheap for brand new, never before tried patented technology, especially when the new Ipad is $499.99 and up. They are expecting their first full shipment to arrive early in 2014. Just don’t let the long wait fool you. Thalmic labs sold out of their first shipment with in the first month of marketing their product a year ago.  Arm_Signal_good copy While Thalmic labs did admit their press release video of the Myo armband had a little bit of movie magic woven into it and that the Myo armband will have a preset built in list of commands for ease of use, but through later software updates will become fully open sourced and open to change and interpretation. While it still remains a mystery just what the potential is of the Myo armband, I believe if it can uphold half of what it claims to be able to do, it will pave the way for the next generation to be built upon. 

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