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Five Ways to BE the Pro Before You CALL in the Pro

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How many times have you stared at your laptop monitor like it’s E.T from outer space? Or felt your heart pounding because you believe your life is flashing before your very eyes in a “Windows Not Responding” dialog box? Well worry no more. We have compiled a list of quick tips, tricks, and workarounds to what we believe are some of the most common problems for computer users today. Tip #1 Worry no more. No, really it will be ok. approximately half of your life may be contained in a frozen screen shot of your newest Farmville crop harvest, but it will be ok. There’s always tomorrows harvest. When your computer is running away from you faster than your dog on Vet day, it will be OK. Relax, breathe, and know that Gadget Grave’s got your back. Tip #2 Talk to your manager, The Task Manger that is, if you have an errant or unresponsive program simply press ctrl + alt + del and select start task manager to open the a window that lists all programs and processes on your computer. From this point you can right click and end any task or process that isn’t playing nice with your desktop. For Macbook users you can Cmd + alt + esc to pull up a Force Quit dialog box that, while you can’t see all processes, it will allow you to force quite any erroneous programs currently running on your computer. Tip #3 My personal favorite line from a customer, “I have no idea what happened, it just won’t work.” To this my first question is always. “Have you tried charging it?” Sometimes it can take a few minutes if your device is completely dead to show any signs of life. Also it can be the charging cable, AND…OR the Block that plugs into the wall. The best way to rule this out is to borrow a friends and try charging your device with that. Tip #4 How’s your connection these days? If your internet is slow, or lagging all the time or simply failing you. Try eating some cache and cookies. I mean clearing your cache and cookies. These are small bits of data that your computer stores to make your web surfing easier and more convenient. Ever wonder how Facebook knew your email before you logged in? Thank your Cookies for that. Because ever browser is a little different try this link out:'s-Cache It describes, rather well, the different ways to clearing a browsers cache, cookies, history, other you name its. Tip #5 Restart. There is no other way to say it. Let your computer simply sleep it off. Fortunately this can take less than 5 minutes. Sometimes a piece of software, either at start up or at some other time can malfunction or glitch and the absolute best way to get it working again is to reboot. If for some reason you can’t get to the shut down button. Simply press and hold the physical power button itself. This can solve a ton of problems that are common to many users.

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