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Top 5 Android Gimmicks We Love To Hate

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Gimmicks are what android manufacturers have relied on since it's inception. Almost the entire android industry is based on "Look, our phone can do what the iPhone can't!" When really, they have nothing that the average consumer does that is special. So why do they keep doing it? Because people keep buying it. That's where we come into our list of top 5 android gimmicks we love to hate, and released with their phones. 1. The Galaxy Round - This entire devices existence baffles us. At a cost of over $1,000 USD, you can rock the phone to one side to show the time, but non-curved phones like the Moto X have this feature (and are cheaper!). We don’t get it. top5image1 2. Boom Sound - I can't think of very many times in my life that I'm just staring at my screen while listening to music, and I barely ever play games that are in landscape mode. Sure it makes for some loud ring-tones, but it's hardly a marketable feature. top5image2 3. The S-Pen - This one gets me. Out of all of the people I know that own a Galaxy Note (1, 2, and now 3), they can't name one practical moment where they used their S-pen. It's almost completely useless (and expensive if you loose it!) top5image3 4. Quad-Core - Statistically, a Quad Core processor is almost useless. No mobile operating system (currently) can even use more than 2 processors at one time. That falls into the "YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM IS 32 BIT, HOMIE STOP PLAYIN'" Category. But seriously, stop pretending like it makes the phone faster and put forth the effort to make your software faster! top5image4 5. S-Voice - Come on, Samsung! Google already did all the work for you, with Google Now. S-Voice is terrible, unresponsive, and just plain LAME. The interface is ugly, and the voice is hideous. Please just stick to Google Now. top5image5   I've got many more, but these are my favorite things to whine about.

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