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The Moto X: The Game Changing Phone

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The Moto X The Game Changing Phone

  HT_moto_x_smartphone_colors_thg_130801_16x9_992 The Moto X has the potential to become what the iPhone once was to the cell phone industry. This is a powerful device that will change the market and help give Android devices the same selling power that the iPhone currently has while offering some powerful options. When you look over the Moto X specifications, you will quickly notice that they are designed to make the users life easier. There is an always listening mode that knows the standard voice commands and will handle those functions. While looking over the Moto X, you will also find that every piece of the system can be customized to be a true representation of who you are. You can adjust boot animation if you desire and you can even setup your headphones to blend in with the cover of the device. You will have a 10 MP camera that utilizes the clear pixel technology that will still trump the 13 MP options on the market in a manner that surprises most people. There are even two CPU cores in the device to ensure it is powerful and efficient in everything it does. Want more spec information? Check it out here! Of course, the voice commands are the main selling point for people. With the always listening mode in effect, you don’t have to open up the player and find a song you want. All you have to do is ask the Moto X to play the song with your voice. You can even ask it to play movies, TV shows or whatever type of entertainment you are looking for. In just an instant, you will have the media you want playing on your device. No guesswork, no fighting with the phone. That makes it a great investment for those who want avoid overly complicated devices. motoxred With the voice commands and the phone in its always listening mode, you can even schedule the important meetings in your life without having to find the calendar app and then writing in the details of the meeting. Thanks to the noise reduction feature on the microphone, another important Moto X specification, you can clearly speak the information into the phone. You can then tell it to set a reminder and give you an alarm so you have plenty of time to get ready for the meeting in advance. You’ll even be able to call someone just by asking the phone to make the call. With the Moto X, you can use your previous calling history to fine tune calls. You’ll even be able to nickname
people to ensure that when you speak a name to call, it knows who the right person to call is every time. That means there are fewer mistake calls made and it trumps many of the existing phones that are currently on the market. Lost your phone and are wondering where to buy a used phone in Fort Smith Arkansas? Well, you could throw your hands up and over to Gadget Grave. Or, you could simply put a request out to your phone. Just ask Google Now to find your phone out loud and it will tell you where your phone has gone to. Since this device has a listening distance of up to 15 feet, you are covered every time. Think your iPhone call do all of this? Think again. It’s time to invest in the game changing Moto X phone when you need the best. We can also repair this device!

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