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Android 4.4 KitKat Review: What are the New Features?

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Android 4.4 KitKat Review: What are the New Features?

Android-4.4-User-Interface-UI-Gadget-Grave-Fort-Smith-ArkansasWhen trying to buy an Android phone in Fort Smith Arkansas, you may feel like you’ve walked into a candy store. Chances are people will be talking about cupcakes, jellybeans and a KitKat. If you don’t understand that this is the operating system the device is using, you’ll shake your head and walk out the door. Those who are familiar with the operating system will find that there are some new features like grabbing the phone's attention with, “Ok Google” and printing easier thanks to the smart technology and Google Cloud Printing. Even the location modes on the device have been vastly improved.

On the Android 4.4 KitKat, you will be able to run the show with the voice activated commands. All you need to do is call it to attention with an, “Ok Google” and you can begin to send messages, make calls and handle other essentials without having to touch the screen once. The design is also improved on this device. Everything on the operating system is faster and you will find that the picture is clearer at the same time. There are even new emoji options that will now allow a person to take advantage of all the incredible images that are available right there to add style and pizazz to their text messages.


The phone has now been setup so that users will be able to search for items that are nearby the phone. This is done with the location modes. With them, a local business or contact can be found. That way, there is no more guessing which options is closest and what will be the best choice for you when you do a search. When you get a call from a strange number not in your contacts, KitKat 4.4 will begin to search for the number. It will then match it up with a location on Google Maps and give you a better idea of
who is calling you. You’ll find that in many cases, this process can save you plenty of time and energy. When the device is connected to your cloud, you will be printing easier too. Simply ask to print at a secure location and your important documents can be printed and ready to go without you have to do anything more than command the phone.


Streaming videos, music and other items are now possible with the Chromecast that is supported by the operating system. That means you are able to have the full experience on your phone without having to worry about the limitations that devices like the iPhone often experience. You will want to keep all of this in mind when you buy an android phone in Fort Smith Arkansas. The technology and benefits will prove to be important when you are making a decision. After all, you will have needs that your cell phone will need to be able to handle; otherwise, it will turn out to be nothing more than a toy to play apps on and for making phone calls.

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