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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Tips, Tricks, and Awesome New Features

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Tips, Tricks, and Awesome New Features

It seems that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has indeed lived up to all of the high expectations that surrounded its release in September. The Note 3 sports a full HD 5.7 inch screen, but the new hardware isn’t the only thing that makes these Note devices so sought after, the software features that were created to complement the accompanying S pen are compelling in themselves. note-3-stylus-gadget-grave-fort-smith-arkansasThe really great part about many of the new software features is that they are built right into the Air Command popup. All you need to do is click the button on the S pen while you are holding it over the screen and a menu of many of the important functions will appear and allow you instant access to a number of special features. For those who don’t want the Air Command to automatically appear when they take out the stylus, go to control, S pen, and set pen detachment option to none. The camera has been upgraded with a 2 MP front camera and a 13 MP on the rear. The Note 3 is powered by the amazing quad-core, Snapdragon 800 processor and has an impressive 3GB or RAM. Considering the fact that there are laptops out there with less RAM than that, you can safely bet that the Note 3 is going to be a workhorse. note-3-gadget-grave-tips-and-tricksThe multi-window feature has been vastly improved by just a small change. The Note 3 allows you to run the same app in both windows and you are able to share information between the two windows. This can be used to compare documents or to bring up different locations on Google Maps and compare routes. The content sharing is initiated by a small icon on the divider that, when touched by the S pen, will allow you to drag and drop the content that you want to share. Many people who can’t keep track of their stylus will applaud the “S pen keeper” function. If you walk away and leave your stylus laying somewhere, the Note 3 will alert you as you walk away. To enable the function, simply go to settings, controls, S pen and remove the check from “turn off pen detection”, and then check the “S pen keeper”. For those (myself included) who can’t keep track of their S pen, this will save hours of searching and frustration. It should be noted however, that this feature only works when the screen of your Note 3 is off. note-3-back-leather-gadget-grave-fort-smith-arkansas
If you are looking for Note 3 accessories, they seem to be just as popular as the Note 3 itself. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has so many improvements and additions that it’s almost irresistible to those who are fans of the oversized smart phone. With websites such as offering Samsung cases to keep your gadgets safe, and Samsung repair for those times that accidents happen, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best new smart phone in its price range.

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